How to Use the Rule of Three in Living Room Decor for Wow-Worthy Results

rule of threes in living room
The rule of three will help you balance comfort and style in your living room. Image: Martha O’Hara Interiors

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Design theory can feel nebulous. What makes good design? More importantly, how do you nail down good design and bring it into your home? While much of design theory is complex, there’s one simple guideline that’s easy to put to work: the rule of three. Our eyes like groupings of three. That’s why you see the rule of three used in photography, web design and more. Using the rule of three in living room decor can help you create a room that looks simultaneously polished and inviting.

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Keep reading to see what they are. If you’ve made one of the mistakes below, it’s okay. You’re definitely not alone in it and we’ve provided easy fixes for each one. Once you follow this advice, the rooms in your home will look better and brighter than ever before.

These 4 Living Room Trends for 2019 will Inspire your Next Home Design Project


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